It’s a pity of course! Steve Fossett’s widow has made a request to consider her husband lost. the most important is money, dower.
And what if tomorrow he will come flying on an alien’s craft.

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My achievements
I have returned to my blog. I have huge achievements...
Bublegum - 3. Dez, 15:23
I’m reading articles...
I’m reading articles about rising in price of...
Bublegum - 18. Apr, 05:29
My friend is now finishing...
My friend is now finishing flights training on a small...
Bublegum - 26. Feb, 05:27
I’m tired of everything!...
I’m tired of everything! Probably this is because...
Bublegum - 16. Jan, 05:43
All the best wishes...
All the best wishes to my daughter! Yesterday she...
Bublegum - 27. Dez, 06:17




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